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11AM – 1AM

Panino Brothers AV

15322 Galaxie Ave
Apple Valley, MN
Located at the Shops on Galaxie
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The Panino Brothers Legend

It all began for the Panino Brothers, Deano and Eddie, in the Bronx while working long hours in the "kitchen" for the Froscatti family. The Froscatti family was a ruthless family that may, or may not, have been involved in organized criminal activity. Life in the Froscatti family was dangerous, and they didn't want to wind up sleeping "with the fishes!"

It was time for a new plan.

As you may know, "panino" is an Italian word for sandwich, and with a name like Panino, Deano and Eddie set out to develop the perfect sandwich. After many attempts with no success, Deano was losing hope. Eddie, on the other hand, was much more relaxed as things seemed to always work out for him. He was simple and easy to please. His food of choice was pizza, which he would fold and eat as a sandwich. This annoyed Deano, as the "sandwich" that Eddy would eat was always so messy. In fact, everything that Eddie did annoyed Deano. They argued constantly on what makes a good sandwich. Was it the meat? Was it the cheese? Or, was it the bread? Eddie always insisted on the pizza "sandwich" while Deano preferred a sandwich with lean meats and fresh garden vegetables.

This continued, until one day a brilliant idea came to them, as if from nowhere. "Why not combine your ideas?", a mysterious voice said. Who was this voice of reason?

Nonetheless, in a combined effort the "panino" was born. Using pizza dough, lean meats, specialty cheeses and fresh garden vegetables, Deano and Eddie produced, in their eyes, the perfect sandwich. And life hasn't been the same since.

Fa getta 'bout it!


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