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11AM – 1AM

Panino Brothers AV

15322 Galaxie Ave
Apple Valley, MN
Located at the Shops on Galaxie
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A Sandwich Experience like None Other.

The word "panino" literally translates into "a little bread." Another translation defines a panino as an Italian word meaning both roll and stuffed bread. Put simply, it is Italian for "sandwich".

Panino Brothers' version of the panino is a unique flat bread rolled sandwich, filled with lean meats, specialty cheeses, and/or fresh garden vegetables, baked on our famous homemade panino dough.

Our panino starts with what we call a "skin." This skin is a thin layer of homemade panino dough waiting to be filled. After placing the proper amounts of meats, cheese, and/or vegetables on the skin, it is baked without sauce of any sort. Once the panino is baked, it is then ready for the finishing touches. All cold toppings and dressings are placed on the open faced sandwich, which is then ready to be rolled.

Rolling this "sandwich" is what makes our panino unique. And, since taste begins with the eye, presentation matters. The panino is then placed into an appetizing position, ready to be served.

Panino Brothers offers a large selection of paninos, whatever your flavor. And, if you are adventurous enough to develop your own flavor, go for it! Because, after all, a panino is whatever you want it to be.


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